At BIOMILK™, we are passionate about health: healthy mind, healthy body, healthy skin. And healthy skin starts with healthy skin nutrition.

From your morning green smoothie, to that 10K race you’re training for, to that sunblock you slather on the beach. It’s about making you stronger and healthier. Stronger so you can fight back against what life throws at you and healthier so you can be the best version of yourself.

After years of development, we have uncovered potent high-quality formulations unleashing the potential of healthy 100% natural milk probiotics and bionutrients effectively supporting the long-term health of your skin.

We are committed to providing high-quality skincare that purifies, protect and nourishes the skin, harnessing the potential of 100% natural probiotics and bionutrients.

From our family to yours: happy, healthy, beautiful skin!

–The BIOMILK™ team

BIOMILK™ was born of a passion for health.

I am the daughter of two doctors and I’ve always been aware of the importance of taking an active approach to health. Homemade nutritious meals over processed food; a long run outside over skipping the gym; even simply a good book over TV binge-watching; the choice is yours. And all these choices do make a real difference — a healthier you is a happier you!

When I was a little girl if the doctor would prescribe me antibiotics, my parents would always give me yogurt to recover faster. When my kids were born and experiencing childhood common runny noses and colds, I started looking for ways to help strengthen their immune system. My husband and I started making our own yogurt, also incorporating probiotics yogurts and drinks in the family meals. What a difference it made!

Probiotic means “in favor of life”. I collected as much information as I could about their benefits and discovered how they not only support the overall health of your body but also were the key to so many skin conditions.

Fast-forward years of development and numerous tries later, and BIOMILK™ Skincare was born! Our unique ProbioNutrium technology naturally supports the health and nutrition your skin needs with superior high-quality formulations.

See for yourself the difference having truly heathy skin makes. Because being strong and healthy is a beautiful thing!

- Valerie, founder of BIOMILK™ Skincare




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Protecting Others and The Environment


We are committed to supporting healthy nutrition across the globe. BIOMILK™ is partnering with Project Healthy Children to help fight malnutrition, one country at a time. With every product you purchase, BIOMILK™ Skincare will support the food fortification needs of 1 child for 1 year.

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